MATERIAL is a bi-annual magazine, with every issue featuring an architectural style that utilizes a certain material. This issue features Brutalism, which utilizes B├ęton Brut (the french name for concrete). In celebration of the 5th year of MATERIAL, this issue comes within a limited-edition concrete case, of which only 50 are made. It also comes with a complimentary poster, celebrating the wonderful movement documented in the issue.

Every element of the magazine has been designed to exude the themes, narratives and stylistic attributes of Brutalism. From the cold, rigid layouts, to the tall and staggering titles, and the extensive usage of digital interaces which represent another facet of brutalism, this magazine aims to lay down slabs upon slabs of typographical concrete.

The magazine goes through 3 chapters, narrating the birth, struggle and triump of this controversial architectural movement. Through rich articles and dynamic spreads that reflect the content, MATERIAL aims to get more readers to fall in love with these concrete giants.


Red Dot Design 2018
Crowbar Design Gold 2018


"Long Live Print" - Red dot
Lasalle Year In Review
→ Awards from 2018/2019
→ A haul of Red Dots by design alumni


"International Yearbook Communication
Design 2018/2019 (VOL 2)"
→ pp.333